Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce From Novice to Professional SECOND EDITION

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Cuốn sách cho người học lập trình PHP qua ứng dụng xây dựng Trang thương mại điện tử.

Contents at a Glance
About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewers

PART 1■ ■ ■ Phase I of Development 
■CHAPTER 1 Starting an E-Commerce Site
■CHAPTER 2 Laying Out the Foundations
■CHAPTER 3 Starting the TShirtShop Project
■CHAPTER 4 Creating the Product Catalog:Part 1
■CHAPTER 5 Creating the Product Catalog:Part 2
■CHAPTER 6 Product Attributes
■CHAPTER 7 Search Engine Optimization
■CHAPTER 8 Searching the Catalog
■CHAPTER 9 Receiving Payments Using PayPal
■CHAPTER 10 Catalog Administration:Departments and Categories
■CHAPTER 11 Catalog Administration:Products and Attributes

PART 2■ ■ ■ Phase II of Development 
■CHAPTER 12 Creating Your Own Shopping Cart
■CHAPTER 13 Implementing AJAX Features
■CHAPTER 14 Accepting Customer Orders
■CHAPTER 15 Product Recommendations

PART 3■ ■ ■ Phase III of Development 
■CHAPTER 16 Managing Customer Details
■CHAPTER 17 Storing Customer Orders
■CHAPTER 18 Implementing the Order Pipeline:Part 1
■CHAPTER 19 Implementing the Order Pipeline:Part 2
■CHAPTER 20 Processing Credit Card Transactions
■CHAPTER 21 Product Reviews
■CHAPTER 22 Using Amazon.com Web Services

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