Ebook 101 CCNA Labs with Solutions (PDF)

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Với 101 bài lab và lời giải, đây là tài liệu khá hữu ích về các bài lab CCNA dành cho các bạn nghiên cứu về Quản trị mạng cần thực hành kiến thức Cisco CCNA.

Sách được chia sẻ tại ictsharing.com nội dung:

Local Area Networks
Lab 001: Configuring standard VLANs on Catalyst Switches
Lab 002: Configuring extended VLANs on
Catalyst Switches
Lab 003: Configuring VTP Clients and
Servers on Catalyst Switches
Lab 004: Configuring VTP Transparent
Lab 005: Securing VTP Domains
Lab 006: Verifying Spanning-Tree Port
States on Catalyst Switches
Lab 007: Spanning-Tree Protocol Root
Bridges Manually
Lab 008: Spanning-Tree Protocol Root
Bridges using the IOS Macro
Lab 009: Assigning Multiple Instances to a
VLAN Simultaneously
Lab 010: Configuring Spanning-Tree
Protocol for Access ports
Lab 011: Configuring switch Access port
Lab 012: Configuring advanced switch
Access port security
Lab 013: Configuring advanced static
switch Access port security
Lab 014: Enabling Rapid Per-VLAN
Spanning Tree
Lab 015: Configuring and allowing interVLAN routing
Lab 016: Restricting VLANs on Trunks and
changing the VTP version
Lab 017: Configuring a default gateway for
routers and switches
Lab 018: Permitting Telnet access to
Catalyst Switches
Lab 019: Configuring passwords on
Catalyst Switches
Wide Area Networks
Lab 020: Configuring back-to-back Serial connections
Lab 021: Verifying Cisco HDLC
Lab 022: Configuring PPP Encapsulation
Lab 023: PPP Authentication using PAP
Lab 024: PPP Authentication using CHAP -Method 1
Lab 025: PPP Authentication using CHAP -Method 2
Lab 026: Configuring Cisco Frame Relay
Lab 027: Configuring IETF Frame Relay
Lab 028: Configuring Static Frame Relay
Lab 029: Configuring Frame Relay point-topoint Subinterfaces
Lab 030: Configuring Frame Relay
Multipoint Subinterfaces
IP Routing
Lab 031: Configuring Static Routing via
Lab 032: Configuring Static Routing via IP
Lab 033: Configuring and Naming Static
Lab 034: Configuring Default Static Routes
Lab 035: Configuring RIP version
Lab 036: RIPv2 Automatic Summarization
Lab 037: Debugging and Verifying RIP
version 2 Updates
Lab 038: Passive Interfaces for RIPv2
Lab 039: Summarizing Routes with RIPv2
Lab 040: RIPv2 Split Horizon
Lab 041: Configuring Basic EIGRP Routing
Lab 042: Configuring EIGRP Routing Using
Wildcard Masks
Lab 043: EIGRP Automatic Summarization
Lab 044: Passive Interfaces for EIGRP
Lab 045: Summarizing Routes with EIGRP
Lab 046: Verifying the EIGRP Database
Lab 047: EIGRP Split Horizon
Lab 048: Configuring OSPF on Point-toPoint Networks
Lab 049: Configuring OSPF on Broadcast
Lab 050: Configuring OSPF on NonBroadcast Networks
Lab 051: Configuring OSPF Point-toMultipoint Networks
Lab 052: Configuring Multi-Area OSPF
Lab 053: Manually configuring the OSPF
router ID
Lab 054: Debugging OSPF Adjacencies
Access Control Lists
Lab 055: Configuring and Applying
Standard Numbered ACLs
Lab 056: Configuring and Applying
Standard Named ACLs
Lab 057: Configuring and Applying
Extended Numbered ACLs Inbound
Lab 058: Configuring and Applying
Extended Named ACLs Inbound
Lab 059: Configuring and Applying
Extended Numbered ACLs
Lab 060: Configuring and Applying
Extended Named ACLs Outbound
Lab 061: Restricting Inbound Telnet Access
using Extended ACLs
Lab 062: Restricting Outbound Telnet
Access using Extended ACLs
Lab 063: Debugging Network Traffic Using
Extended ACLs
Lab 064: Logging ACL Matches
Network Address Translation
Lab 065: Configuring Static Network
Address Translation
Lab 066: Configuring Dynamic Network
Address Translation
Lab 067: Configuring interface-based Port
Address Translation
Lab 068: Configuring pool-based Port
Address Translation
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Lab 069: Configuring IOS DHCP Clients
Lab 070: Configuring IOS DHCP Server
Lab 071: Forwarding DHCP requests to
remote DHCP Servers
IP and IOS Features
Lab 072: Configuring command aliases in
IOS devices
Lab 073: Configuring Local Name
Resolution on IOS devices
Lab 074: Configuring Domain Name
Resolution on IOS devices
Lab 075: Configuring IOS Device Logging to
a SYSLOG server
Lab 076: Configuring User Privileges on IOS
Lab 077: Configuring Command &
Password privilege Levels on devices
Lab 078: Configuring MOTD Banners
Lab 079: Enabling HTTP access to IOS
Lab 080: Changing the Configuration
Register on IOS devices
Lab 081: Cisco Discovery Protocol
Cisco Router and Security Device Manager
Lab 082: Configuring Cisco IOS routers for
Lab 083: Using Cisco SDM to configure IP
Lab 084: Using Cisco SDM to configure
Multi-Area OSPF Routing
Lab 085: Using Cisco SDM to configure IP
EIGRP Routing
Lab 086: Using Cisco SDM to configure RIP
version 2 Routing
Lab 087: Using Cisco SDM to configure and
apply extended ACLs
Lab 088: Using Cisco SDM to configure
Cisco IOS DHCP Server
Lab 089: Using Cisco SDM to configure DNS
Lab 090: Using Cisco SDM to configure
Network Address Translation
Lab 091: Using Cisco SDM to configure Port
Address Translation
Lab 092: Using Cisco SDM to manager
users, passwords and privileges
Lab 093: Using Cisco SDM to restrict Telnet
and SSH access to routers
Lab 094: Managing configuration files with
Cisco SDM
Challenge Labs
Challenge Lab 1: DHCP, inter-VLAN routing
and RIPv2
Challenge Lab 2: VTP, STP and OSPF
Challenge Lab 3: EIGRP, PAT, ACLs and
Challenge Lab 4: Multi-Area OSPF, Frame
Relay, LAN Switching
Challenge Lab 5: EIGRP Summarization,
Static NAT, ACLs
Challenge Lab 6: PPP Authentication, Static
Routing, DNS, SYSLOG
Challenge Lab 7: Subnetting,
Summarization, Static Routing and ACLs

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